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Don't delay your appointment

If you experience an accident or injury, visit us right away.

Work injuries

Get checked out

25 years of service

Whether you work in a factory or an office, work related injuries are possible. Let us work with you on a chiropractic plan to keep your body good condition.

It is normal to experience delayed pain and symptoms after a major accident or injury. If you have an accident it is important to get checked out by a professional.

When you visit our clinic you benefit from Dr. Spaude's 25 years of experience treating patients just like you.  Receive expert care and thorough treatment.

Carpal tunnel pain

Neck, back pain


You may experience carpal tunnel syndrome when you work with your hands. Instead of taking risky medication, get treatment.

Do not put off a full chiropractic visit if you suffer from frequent neck or back pain. This may indicate something more serious.

Rather than treating symptoms we relieve pain by finding the causes of: headaches, muscle spasms stiffness and insomnia.


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