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Avoid drugs


Range of motion

Whether its sports related or caused by repetitive movements, tendonitis can be controlled without addictive drugs thanks to our experienced chiropractic staff.

When you experience tendonitis you will likely suffer from stiffness that limits your mobility in the affected area. We can reduce stiffness and help restore your flexibility.

Tendonitis can greatly reduce the range of motion in the affected muscle group. You may experience pain with any movement. Get serious pain relief from our experts.




If you experience tenderness swelling in your muscle following an injury this may be a symptom of tendonitis. Make an appointment and find out for sure.

It is common for patients suffering from tendonitis to experience inflammation in the area. This results in warmth and redness. If you show these signs, contact us right away.

Another sign that you may be suffering from tendonitis is a crackling sound called, crepitus, when the affected muscle is moved.

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