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We offer appointments on Saturdays for your convenience.

We know headaches



Your headache may be caused by joint irritation and muscle tension in your neck, upper back, and scalp, which are all symptoms that Allen R Spaude DC can assist you with.

Because many headaches are caused by stress, we teach patients effective relaxation techniques. Learn to soothe yourself and relieve stress and pain without medication.

Headaches are often related to poor eating habits. By nourishing your body properly you can prevent frequent headaches. We give you expert nutritional advice.




We perform manual adjustments to relieve tension that builds and cause pain. The relief of this stress can also relieve you of headaches.  

Your posture can greatly affect your physical health. Poor posture can cause adverse effects to your health. Learn how to improve your posture.

Learn to use exercise as a stress relief technique. Improve your moods and improve your overall physical condition with exercise.

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